Pioneers of the Cellular Concrete Industry

Welcome to Cell-Crete Corp., an industry leader in poured or pumped lightweight cellular concrete for over 35 years. Today’s building industry is ever evolving in design and construction techniques and Cell-Crete Corp. prides itself in being a leader in innovation and customer satisfaction. As authorized applicators of Maxxon, Elastizell, Siplast and countless other products, we strive to give our customers the right product for both new and renovation types of construction. Whether it is wood frame, poured in place or structural steel construction, we can make a difference in your project. Cell-Crete Corp. is pleased to provide a variety of services to our customers:

  • Elastizell Lightweight cellular Concrete Floors
  • Elastizell, Siplast and Perlite Roof Decks providing slope and R-Value.
  • Maxxon Floor Underlayments.
  • Hardrock Concrete (for both interior floors and exterior walking decks)
  • Structural Lightweight and Hardrock Concrete over metal decks.
  • We specialize in Sound Attenuation Floor Systems (Acousti-mat and Enkasonic)
  • Elastizell Engineered Fill (for Geotechnical Applications)
  • Architectural Concrete (Decorative Coatings, Concrete Staining, Architectural Concrete Sawing and above grade Deck Waterproofing.
  • Concrete Pavers.

We know it is important for you the customer to have confidence in your subcontractor’s. In today’s design build market place; we have built our reputation on reliability and on being first in our field for workmanship. We are the Western United States leader in poured cellular concrete underlayments and are licensed in the state of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming and parts of Texas.

Contact us for your next project and remember here at Cell-Crete Corp., “We Pour It On!”