Engineered Fill Projects

Client:Fydaq Company, Inc.

Location: Parkside: La Palma & Jennifer, Anaheim, California

This project consisted of an existing field with a 51” R.C.P. sewer pipe that was under approximately 12 feet of soil. The plan for the field area was to build new homes, thus requiring the soil level be raised to the elevation of the surrounding streets. Although this 51” R.C.P. pipe only ran under the new street, the additional weight of 14’ of soil plus the anticipated traffic load far exceeded the design of the 51” R.C.P. The method to resolve this overload was to remove approximately 12’ of soil from above the pipe and then fill the area with Elastizell Engineered Fill in order to raise the grounds’ elevation. The removal of the soil reduced the load on the pipe by approximately 1440 psf. The addition of 25’ of Elastizell Engineered Fill resulted in 20.5 pcf or a total of 512 psf, which equaled about ½ the original weight with nearly twice the height.


Client:City of Morro Bay

Location: Chorro Creek Bridge, South Bay Blvd. in Morro Bay, CA


This project consisted of filling the base at each end of the bridge in an effort to reduce the load on the existing soil, eliminating any settling of the approaches. The fill consisted of 3,432 cubic yards of 27 pcf cellular concrete, which has a dry density of approximately 21 pcf, and reduced the weight of both approaches by nearly 9 million pounds. This project was completed in October of 1996. 

kodakClient:Clark Contracting/ Foster & Son

Location: Save Mart Center, Fresno, California

This project consisted of filling a pie shaped backfill with approximately 20,000 cubic yards of cellular concrete. The structure was built with 35 feet of the structure below grade in order to reduce the height of the stadium to accommodate adjacent airport traffic. The exterior sub grade walls are protected with a 27 pcf cellular backfill approximately 4 feet wide at the base and nearly 30 feet wide at the grade level. The results leave no lateral load on the walls and give a minimal protection from seismic activity due to the cellular concretes’ ability to absorb shock in its structure. This fast track project was made possible by the ability of our crew and equipment to pour out volumes of up to 2200 cubic yards of cellular concrete in a single day. 

Client: Colton Crossing

Location: Colton CA

This 220,000 CY project consists of building a large overpass for trains.  We are constructing a fill between MSE walls up to 40′ high.  the lightweight aspects of the cellular concrete will reduce potential settlement for years to come. 

Client: San Bruno Grade Separation

Location: San Bruno CA

This 135,000 CY project consists of building a large overpass for trains.  We are constructing a fill between MSE walls up to 40′ high.  the lightweight aspects of the cellular concrete will reduce potential settlement for years to come. This project also utilized 10′ of load balancing to reduce the overburden on the Bart tube located with the same right-of-way. 

Bay Model, Sausalito, CA

The Bay model is a scale model of the San Francisco bay that was used by the Army Corp. of Engineers to model and design construction within the San Francisco Bay.  The Army Corp is changing the building and model into a Museum and wants to stop the degradatioin that is currenlty occuring to the model.  Cell-Crete was hired by the general contractor to place cellular concrete under the model and competely fill the void, hence resupporting the model and eliminating the need for the degrading screw jacks.  Cell-Crete placed approximately 1,000 CY of cellular concrete under approximatley 1/2 the model.  Cell-Crete also provided  structural concrete repair under the remaining portions of the model where Corp. did not want to grout it solid. 


This highly complex Geofoam fill required the skills of experienced Geofoam installers.  The foam was custom designed and created to match the existing drainage slopes at the bottom of the fill.  It was then flattened and 2 levels were installed.  We then installed a sloping top for final drainage.  Notice the amount of utilities and cutting required.  This project also highlighted Cell-Crete’s ability to provide the client what they need while saving significant money.  Our extensive experience in EPS, Geofoam and lightweight products provides us the knowledge to assist design professionals on what product best meets their needs.  We recommended a change in the foam that was specified from the 100 psi foam only available from DOW Chemicals, to a locally produced EPS 39.  This provided an equivalent product and a savings of over 50%; easily strong enough for the project loading requirements.